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Retirement Badge and wallet

Price : $135.00

Ordering a Retired Paramedic Badge and Wallet The BCAS retirement badge was created in 2004. The genesis for the creation of the badge was lack of professional identification for many retired paramedics who would often arrive first on the scene of a medical emergency, and have no immediate way of identifying to other responders they had a skill set that could assist in patient care. The badge also provides a form of identification; especially with your name engraved on the back. This badge works especially well when traveling, and a person wishes to visit other emergency services. The badge has the official approval of the BCAS/BCEHS, and only the BCAS 10-7 Association Society, or the BCEHS/PHSA has the permission to replicate the badge The Association keeps all the information on the badge, on a registry. When ordering a badge all the requested information on the attached form will be required prior to producing your badge. The badge is proudly manufactured in Vancouver BC, by Pressed Metal Products Ltd. The company WILL NOT produces a badge without approval of the 10-7 Association, and if a person tries to order without the approval it will be rejected. The wallet containing the badge was also custom made in Vancouver BC, by Kudos leather goods. Having this badge and wallet manufactured in BC, keeps people employed in BC, in good paying jobs. Having both items manufactured in B.C. is also a way of respecting our members who work and make their living as paramedics, communications officers, or senior staff in B.C., and sadly in far too many cases have died IN THE LINE OF DUTY in service to their province. When you have provided the completed attached BADGE REQUEST form, a member of the BCAS 10-7 Executive will review your request, and you will be advised when you request has been approved. When approved you will be requested to pay for your badge. If you are a 10-7 member in good standing you may pay via e-transfer directly to the 10-7. The purchase fo your badge and wallet also supports the programs of the 10-7 Association. Thank you BCAS 10-7 Association Recognition and Marketing Department

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  • Suzanne Stewart

    Why do we have to wait until we are \"retired\" to be able to have this form of Identification. We have been informed that BCEHS or whom ever that we will no longer be issued a \"lisc\" instead we will be receiving a \"letter\" as proof. Now what - so when I accidently wash my \"Letter\" I have no proof of ID.? Would 10-7 association consider issuing Paramedic Badges to Paramedics with current license and in good union standing? If we joined the 10-7 association even? Thank you for your consideration in this matter PCP Station 535 Employee # 346531. Email: Suzanne.Stewart@bcehs.ca