Dear members,

Who is qualified for each bursary – 
– The Dr. Peter Ransford bursary is open to the children, grandchildren or any other direct relative of any member of BCAS/BCEHS/APBC/CUPE 873, for post secondary education in any health related field. 
– The Carson Smith bursary is open to the children, grandchildren or any other direct relative of any member of BCAS/BCEHS/APBC/CUPE 873, for post secondary education in any field. 
– The Bob Baxter bursary is open to any resident of B.C. seeking a career with the B.C. Ambulance Service and is registered at a BCEHS approved training agency.
Each bursary is $500.00 

Deadline for registration is September 15 2021

With the Coronavirus Covid 19 disrupting universities, colleges and other post secondary education institutions now doing everything online, we have decided to extend the deadline for registrations until October 31st 2020. This will give Bursary applicants enough time to communicate with their educators for the required documentation.



Bob Baxter application 2021