Quizzes and Puzzles

Can you answer a few questions about the association?


? Read the constitution Question #1: Who can be honourary members of the Society?

? see poster in the photos area in the members sectionQuestion #2: When did the BC Ambulance service first begin service?

July 1st 1974  

? look in the members only areaQuestion #3: when was the first newsletter ” the Siren” published?

The first issue was published July 1999

? Coming eventsQuestion #4: When does the Okanagan have their Dinner

? Minutes of the 2016 AGMQuestion #5: When is the next AGM?

? ConstitutionQuestion #6: First year members and Members over 80 years old get a reduced membership fee, What is the fee?

Question #7: What are the values of each of these Bursaries

Question #8: The bursaries are open to the children, grandchildren or any other direct relative of any member of the Association.

? look at the application FormQuestion #9: The BCAS 10-7 Association Society has two bursaries that are awarded yearly. What are they?